Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Floating Horse Teeth and other fun stuff

Recently my friend Brooke had an appointment for annual health care for her 8 horses and mules, so we hauled Lucky and Lacey out to her place for their vet checks and annual care, which includes floating the teeth. Yikes. This is quite the operation. First the horse is sedated until the knees start to buckle, then they are fitted with this contraption. And yes, it's called a speculum. Then the vet grabs this drill-like tool with a long rod and a rotating grinder on the end and grinds the molars back down to smooth so the horse has an efficient surface to process their food... Its a difficult thing to watch, but necessary for their health. I'm glad I'm not a horse.

Brooke brought her horse Mocha out to where Lucky lives and we rode up in the hills above the valley, what a beautiful ride that was.
A recent morning had me out in the yard again with my camera. Things are growing beautifully. I get a dozen strawberries a day out of my patch. Yum!
I'm looking forward to seeing what the grapes produce too.
Freckles has an old rope she loves to play with in the yard. It was used on a fishing boat so it stinks, at least to me. I'm sure it smells wonderful to her.
A shot of one of the pretty flowers in my yard...
Happy 4th of July to everyone. I'll certainly be celebrating it, and I hope you stay safe. I was treated to another behind-the-scenes tour of the new exhibit at the aquarium, I'll get some new pics of that posted here very soon.

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