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Halloween Costume Pics

The 5th Annual Halloween Costume Portraits Event will run 2 days this year, Friday the 30th and Saturday the 31st from 2:00 til 7:00, at the Main Street Galleries, 305 North Main. See you there!!


A recent roadtrip along the Oregon backroads to see some stunning fall color yielded some of these interesting sights... A flock of wild turkeys - they were headed for the cover of the woods, making all kinds of interesting noises... A beautiful wooded path... Interesting fungi... And at a stop along the road to overlook the Columbia River Gorge, a raven stopped for a moment... it was dizzying just to watch him fly from so high up... The view from up there... the drop off at my feet was several hundred feet and very unnerving to get too close to the guardrail... The fall colors were just stunning... And a surprise along the way, a herd of bison grazing on the hillside... A parting shot before the sun went down, a highway bridge alongside a railway bridge... beautiful!! Been down with the flu all week... ugh. Starting to feel better today I think, just in time for Halloween!! I'll be doing costume pictures for Trick-or-Treat Toledo on Main Street on Friday and Saturday in the

Interesting Day

I had a nice lunch date with Mayor Rod today, our conversations are always interesting, enlightening and enjoyable. Thank you, Your Honor. ;) This afternoon I attended the Newport Chamber's Business After Hours, hosted by Bateman Funeral Homes . I knew it would be a fun and interesting event, they always are, this one especially because the catering was by Oregon Coast Catering , they always do such an awesome job, and live music by Coin of the Realm , which is always awesome as well. It was interesting to see the funeral home facilities in that context, rather than the circumstances under which I've been there in the past, that I'd lost someone near and dear. The Newport Chamber members are always so friendly and welcoming, it is a joy to attend their functions. I won a nice Harry and David snacky package in the raffle too... always a nice bonus. I skipped out of there and headed north to Gleneden Beach to attend a class on the " Master Key System " - which I f

Back to the Beach

Miss Freckles and I took a nice long walk on our favorite beach today... the weather was warm and a little windy, but no rain. It is so nice to have our 'private' beach back, where I can just let her run off-leash because there is no one else around. A nice long trip to this beach really rejuvenates my soul, and gives us both some much-needed fresh air and exercise. There was a lot of washed-up mussel shells and kelp today. I think it's beautiful. This mussel shell was about 6 inches long. Lots of interesting colors and textures to be found. Miss Freckles the mountain goat - she really loves it at the beach. We saw lots of seagulls, pelicans and some chirping oyster catchers. More pretty flotsam... Last week the weather was perfect for a road trip down south, with some trekking thru the woods to find a bagfull of chanterelle mushrooms. The scenery is just stunning. A short stop to check out the fly-eating plants at Darlingtonia Botanical Wayside... very interesting plant