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Down by the slough

I was out early yesterday morning visiting Toledo's Olalla Slough, hoping to get some good shots of the kingfisher that hangs around there. I wasn't able to capture him, but I did get some nice shots anyway. The weather has been nothing short of spectacular. Canada Geese A wood duck and his bashful mate Looking downriver - a pastoral scene On the other side of the bridge - here it's called Olalla creek. I saw the kingfisher on this side, but he was too nervous and flew away before I could catch him. I also saw a great blue heron but he was too skittish to pose for me as well. Thanks for looking!!

Toledo's Annual Scarecrow Festival

This is the studio's entry. I'll try to get out and capture some of the other displays around town today. Here's more info on the event.

Yaquina Bay's sea lion population

Last night we went down to check out the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftan, two brigs that are in port for the weekend for tours and battle re-enactments. The noisy rookery of sea lions is what captured my attention. There was a sea lion on almost every rock, and they blend in... but if you look closely, you can see the expression on each one's face.

A Trip to the Aquarium

Eric and I took a field trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium this morning, and I got some really fun stuff. This little purple crab was about 2 inches across. Hard to make heads or tails in the sleeping octopus. The Dungeness Crab's best defense. A face only a mother could love. Looks like the crab dance... there's another one buried in the sand under him.

From a recent session...

I had the pleasure of capturing some amazing images of a beautiful young woman recently. Here are a few of my favorites from her Senior Portrait Session.