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Goodbye, June - Hello, July!

Wow, the last day of June already. It's been a busy week. I'm involved with the Toledo Chamber of Commerce on the board of directors. We have lots of fun events in the works and are spending a lot of time and effort to make sure they are successful. Visit the Chamber's website here . And come on out to Toledo and enjoy some of these great events! Or even better, volunteer to help out! I was privileged to provide coverage for a 60th birthday party last weekend. Unbeknownst to me, the honoree was one of my teachers in the 6th grade at what was Central School in Newport. That building now houses Newport's City Hall. It was really nice to see her again and meet her family and friends. Then that evening I provided coverage for Newport High School's class of 1956 50-year reunion. Ironically, I was in the class of 1981 at that same school, which was 25 years ago. I was finally convinced by the speakers at the PPO seminar earlier this month that there are some

How Cute is This?

On my way to visit my horses yesterday I happened upon this fawn with its mother. They ran down the road in front of me for a little ways, then the mother turned and jumped up the road bank. The fawn kept running down the road in front of me, so I stopped. Then it stopped. I turned off the car, and it started back toward me. It got right in front of the car, and as I stepped out to get a better shot, I could hear the mother calling it to join her. The fawn was about 18 inches tall, and I'm guessing only a couple of days old. I'm in the habit of driving that road - Sam's Creek Road - with my camera in my hand because a few days ago Eric and I saw a huge black bear in the middle of the road as we came around a bend.The bear was gone before I even got the camera bag open, so I want to be ready if and when I see him again.

Another Cover and Other Awards

One of my pictures was published on the cover of another local phone book. They neglected to give me photo credit though, so I'm working on getting that straightened out. Two of Eric's images won ribbons in the May photo competitions through the Yaquina Art Association Photographers. This one received an Award of Merit in the monochrome 96 square inch print division. This one received an Award of Merit in the May slide competition and is eligible for the"Top 80" Competition for 2006. This is one of my very favorite images of Eric's, and I've sold quite a few prints of this one. The YAA Photography group is part of the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs ( 4Cs ). They do intra-club competitions monthly. Good Job, Eric!