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Another outdoorsy day...

Yesterday my adventure buddy and I went out to take advantage of the 2-foot minus tide to harvest some more horseneck clams under the bridge in Newport. What an awesome sight from this angle. It looks like you could walk all the way across the bay from here. This is a part of the bridge you rarely get to see... the sea stars next to the water line are barely visible in the huge expanse of concrete. This guy was REALLY getting into it... and the seagulls were very appreciative... There were quite a few people out there harvesting shellfish. A quick look back at the clamming hole island as we were leaving with our buckets full of clams. We went back to Toledo, launched the boat and zipped back down to Newport to drop off some crab pots and then go ocean fishing. The ocean was just gorgeous with big swells but there was some wind chop on top and that made it kinda rough. We had fun tho and fished the day away. We ended up with one keeper ling cod and a cabezon . We got skunked on the cra

Wowsers! Time Flies...

It's been a really busy couple of weeks! Holy cow. Seems I've hardly had time to catch my breath. I'm so glad to have had some wonderful spring weather this week. Been summerizing the back yard and spending some much needed time in the sun. Ahhh... Been busy at the studio too, I got to photograph an Oreodon fossilized skull that my friend Guy found, what an awesome and fun job that was!! Here are a couple of my favorite shots of it. Those are teeth, by the way... And last weekend was Easter Portraits here at the studio, and here are some of my faves... The City Council has lots going on lately, and this has been taking up a lot of my time and attention, too. I'm SO excited about this and can't wait to go to Tampa and help win it!! Woo hoo!! Lots of fun and exciting things coming up, too! Yahoo! :)

"The Weather is Here...

I wish you were beautiful..." a line from a Jimmy Buffett song... it comes to mind when we do have some awesome weather like we've had this past weekend. Holy cow, sunny and 70s. All us beach folk got some serious spring fever goin on. I had the pleasure of capturing some awesome images of a beautiful young woman on Sunday during our unbelievable sunset light. Wow. What a fun session we had out at the beach. Here are a couple of my favorite Senior Portraits of Karisa. Got another busy week going on here at the studio with family sessions, getting set up for the Easter Portraits and also City and Chamber stuff. Whew! Keeps me hoppin. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Toledo ROCKS!

Our beautiful little town was selected as a finalist in the All-America City Awards! Here is the news release on it. Wow. How exciting! We'll be working hard to win this award - Toledo is the only city in the northwest to be selected as a finalist. Woo hoo! The sunshine is back today, and wow it feels SO good. Yay. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Hello springtime...

Yay. The days are really getting long now, with sunset happening at about 7:45. Holy cow, what a difference that makes. The horses are shedding like crazy even tho it hasn't been all that warm. Still daffodils blooming everywhere, and camilla and other flowering trees brightening up our pretty little town... yah. And with springtime comes Easter, and with Easter comes Easter Portraits here at the studio. This will be a fun event, so make sure you stop by in your Easter garb for a pretty portrait!! Its a busy day here in Toledo with all this going on , lots of neat things in the works for our pretty burg. This is an exciting time to be on the City Council and on the Chamber Board of Directors. Yay.