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The Reverend Eric Augustus!! He just became an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church . Now he can perform wedding ceremonies for my clients as part of the wedding packages. He's non-denominational and offers only civil ceremonies. Of course, he's willing to work with the bride and groom to customize the ceremony to suit them perfectly. It's been another busy week! After the fair in Newport, Toledo had it's Summer Festival this past weekend, and Eric, Gaelen and I helped the Toledo Chamber get Saturday's parade organized and on it's way through town. It was interesting to say the least. Here's a shot of the parade court. I think they all had a good time representing the Chamber. And the fireworks Saturday night were nothing short of spectacular. They just get better every year. I've had several portrait sessions in the last few days and have several more coming up. They are all a lot of fun in their own way.

Scenes from a fair

Here are a couple of shots of young pie-eating contestants from last weekend.


I'm all set up at my booth for the Lincoln County Fair , and will be there for the next four days. Hope to see you there! Eric and I traveled to central Oregon last weekend to cover a wedding in Crooked River Ranch. We had a great time. It's amazing for me to watch the foliage and vegetation change so dramatically - and several times - between here and there. While we were there we strolled through the Summer Festival in downtown Bend, and on the way home we stopped to see Camp Sherman and the head of the Metolius River where it just comes up out of the ground. I think that's Mount Jefferson peeking over the trees. We stopped to feed the chipmunks while we were there, and this is my favorite shot from that. I was a good 15 feet from him, shooting with my little Minolta with the amazing zoom. Also on the way home, we detoured to Salem for a family portrait session with some of my friends. That was fun, too! See you at the fair!!

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

Today is Eric's and my third wedding anniversary. We were married in the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse with only family and close friends in attendance. Then we threw a party at the Embarcadero in the Fireside Room overlooking the bay and the fireworks. Irony of ironies, we didn't hire a professional photographer to cover the event. It was a couple of months before I decided I'd look into becoming one, but back then I didn't envision myself doing weddings or portraits, I just wanted to create and sell scenics. So we only have pictures that were taken by guests with those little throw-away cameras. This is my favorite one, I think it was taken by my mother. As I posted previously, it's so very interesting to take a look at the images of our lives. In looking at this collection from only three years ago, I see one person who is now in prison for the rest of their lives, and one dear soul who was taken from us by cancer at only 44 years old... (Godspeed, Sherri, I sure do