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Santa and the Children

The visit from Santa this past Saturday was a rousing success. Lots of kids came by to say 'hi' to the big guy, and we got scads of wonderful portraits. Here are some of my favorites. It was hard to choose just a few. I like how brother is explaining to Santa what is on his wish-list, while sister gives the camera that devilish grin... This one is just too cute for words... And this one is just a treasure.

The importance of capturing moments in time…

I’ve always known that photographs are important. We are able to capture moments in time and keep them available for us to revisit at our whim. As time goes on, they become more important to us, to the point that if people are threatened with having to evacuate their homes in a hurry, one of the things they grab is their collection of photographs. It has been driven home to me even more so in the last few weeks. I posted some of my favorite images of Rachel here . I was hired to create her senior portraits and we did so on the last day of August of this year. Rachel graduated high school early, and at 17 was a freshman in college. She had a lot going for her: looks, brains, personality, a large family who loved her, and many friends. Rachel lost her life in a vehicle crash on November 18th just outside of Bend, where she was attending college. All of a sudden, the beautiful images I captured of her that day are so much more precious. I don’t mean monetarily, I mean in heart-v

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

'nuff said. Last night Eric and I went out to the Oregon Coast Aquarium's Sea of Lights event. It was a lot of fun. We both got some really great shots of the people and animals out there, I'm sure you'll see some of those on both of our blogs in the next couple of days. Here is one of my favorites. We celebrated the fourth anniversary of our first date the same way we have every year, by doing the same things we did on our first date. Out to dinner at the same restaurant, then to the Sea of Lights. Happy Anniversary, ya old crab. I loves ya. I had the honor today of capturing some really great pictures of a friend of ours and his son, who are both volunteers at our local fire department. Here are some of my favorites. Have a great weekend!

Another cover photo

Jefferson Monthly, the magazine of the Jefferson Public Radio Listeners Guild , published one of my photos on their November cover. They also used a couple of smaller images in the story inside. Woo hoo!! It's always so exciting to see one (or more) of my images in print... in thousands of copies...