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The Beach is Back!

Freckles and I hit the beach this evening, and the sand is washing back in so it looks more like a beach now. She always has so much fun down there, she literally runs circles around me. She greets everyone she sees and likes to dash at them full-speed then fake them out and veer at the last moment. What a dog. I'm usually walking along with my eyes at my feet, looking for little treasures. Tonight I found a shell-shaped agate. The snail shell had long ago been filled with what eventually became agate, then most of the shell part has worn away. Very nice.


I had this lovely couple in for a session a few days ago. It feels really good to be back to work. I did a new headshot today, too. Looking forward to a busy wedding season and getting to work on the senior portraits. They are so much fun. When is YOUR appointment?

I get by with a little help...

from my friends. My hysterectomy on Monday went without a hitch and I am recovering amazingly fast. Today I have almost no pain, just a little tenderness, and am surprised at how good I feel so soon. My sweet girlfriends have sent me beautiful flowers to cheer me up (THANK YOU!), and Freckles' sleepover with her friends has left her worn out and sleeping almost as much as me. I'll be back to work on Friday, booking more family sessions and weddings, and am very much looking forward to having a camera in my hands again. Yay.

Behind the Scenes

I was treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of the Oregon Coast Aquarium last night, what an amazing place. It's one thing to see the exhibits and such from the front, which you know I love, but it's quite another to see it all from the backside. AWESOME. This is the Passages of the Deep exhibit as most people never see it. See the walk-thru acrylic tunnel? Also in Passages, in the section called halibut flats, this large halibut was swimming in circles at the surface. In the shark section, they were nosing up at the surface, checking us out... as soon as the lights were turned off, something really big jumped out of the water and made a lot of noise. Was pretty amazing. This is a lion fish, he is waiting to go into the new Oddwater exhibit. This seahorse is also in a holding area for the new exhibit, which will debut on Memorial Day weekend. I'm looking forward to my next tour, which we'll do when it's daylight out, and I can get some more photos. It was al

A Walk in the Park

Sunday, Freckles and I met up with our friend Kim for lunch in Corvallis. Then we took a stroll around the park by the river... a nice, warm, sunny day. Felt so good. We've decided to make it a regular thing. Yay!

It's Time for Senior Portraits!

The days are getting longer - yay! - and will be noticeably longer after this weekend's change to daylight savings time. Double yay! This picture of Jamie was one of the very first High School Senior Portraits I took. As we were walking out to the beach that day in May of 2005, she asked me, "So... how many seniors have you done so far?" To which I replied, "You're the first." She wasn't very impressed with that answer, but she was very impressed with her portraits. That's how it all started. If you have a High School Senior in your family, or know someone who will graduate this year, get on the phone (541-336-2606) and get your date reserved. You'll want to make sure you have your prints in time to include them in your announcements and invitations. Let's get out there and take advantage of this nice weather to create some beautiful Senior Portraits! Check out the new website layout . It is much cleaner, faster to load, and to the