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A different view

A couple of weeks ago I got to go fishing in the ocean again. It was a really nice day with very little swell and no wind up until about 11. Then it picked up and got cold and a little choppy... but it's always awesome to be able to be out there on the water. And icing on the cake when you catch a bunch of fish! We caught half a dozen too-small ling cod, 3 keepers and another half a dozen black rockfish. I love to eat ling cod the day it's caught. Nothing better in my book. There were lots of crab pot buoys bobbing around out there, and like this one some of them have been out there a LONG time. We went north out of Newport, out to about 200 feet of water and tried to catch a halibut but no luck there. So we came in closer, over the reefs and caught some fish. Yay. The view of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse from out there is stunning, especially with the beautiful dramatic clouds hanging over the land bahind it. We saw this on the way out, it's the Mt. Mitchell .