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From last night

I had the pleasure of capturing some lovely images of a beautiful young lady last night at Ona Beach State Park, one of my favorite locations. Her mother, sister, and grandparents were along as her entourage, and it was a good thing that they brought a lot of manpower. They literally had suitcases full of clothing changes, makeup and jewelry. That was good tho, because I was able to pick my favorites for each setting. Here she is with her sister. I like the contrast of darks and lights between the two girls. Everything seems opposite. It was about 65 degrees here in Toledo when I left for this shoot, and a good 10 or 15 degrees cooler at the beach. So my subject was quite chilled by the time we worked our way down to the beach, and then I asked her to put on her gown and walk thru the freezing cold surf. It made for a striking image with the bright blue gown, but you can tell by her posture that she's chilled to the bone. This is my favorite shot. She looks so sweet and serene.

From Sea to Shining Sea

First, my apologies. I have been incredibly remiss in not posting for the last three weeks, but I have been feeling really overwhelmed. Of course the first two weeks I was in Baltimore and DC, and with no laptop (yet) it was a hassle to find a computer even to check my email. And the week since we got back has been just as hectic, catching up with life in general, with current and past clients and some new ones, too. Anyway, between Eric and me, we captured about 1,800 images, so sorting through them is a big job. I've only done a little of that, getting some new prints ready for the Yaquina Art Association Photographer's April show at Newport's Visual Arts Center . I hope you can come by and see some of the work that these very talented individuals do. It's worth the trip. And the photographs will be displayed the entire month. Here are the three that I'll be hanging. The first one is of a little known statue of Albert Einstein, and the day I was out shooting the

Coming Around Again / Leaving on a Jet Plane

This morning I had the honor of creating Lorena's portrait for the second time, this time for the occasion of her 90th birthday. Her daughter Sandie was the first one to put her faith in me as a portrait photographer when she hired me to create Lorena's portrait for her 87th birthday three years ago. I've posted before about the wonderment of my chosen profession and how it relates to the changes in my clients' lives. Births, deaths, and other changes happen so quickly. And time continues to march on. Here is Lorena's new portrait. Eric and I have been busy making last-minute preparations for our two-week trip to Baltimore and Washington, DC. I hope the weather is at least mild, and not wet and/or snowy. We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed on that. I'm sure we'll have a blast and will have LOTS of pictures to share when we return. We have two plane changes/layovers tomorrow, so by the time we finally hit Baltimore we should be pretty well wor