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More scenes from the vet clinic

We did more shooting this morning for a local animal hospital. What a fun job this has been! This poor little guy was waiting to be neutered... what a sad face. This one was being intubated by the Doctor... And a special treat for us this morning, we got to see two sea otters from the Oregon Coast Aquarium up close and personal. Here the Doctor draws blood... Up close and personal with the endotrachael tube, and the impressive teeth, which I hear they really know how to use on their handlers... this one is missing his lower canine. So they did some dental x-rays... I like how she nonchalantly has her hand on the sleeping otter... she's a new staff member and this is her first otter job. A detail shot of a powerful back flipper. Their flippers were surprisingly warm, and their coats are amazingly soft. They are really gorgeous creatures close up.

Stormy Weather

It's a blustery day here at the beach, with leaves, pine needles and tree limbs littering the streets and highways. Trees across roads, and even a power pole that snapped in half and fell over a highway are keeping the scanner hoppin today. The power has been on and off all day. I don't mind the wind, in fact I find it kind of exhilerating, as long as its not accompanied by sideways rain. That makes me cranky. Anyway, I had a fun high school senior session yesterday, here are a few of my favorites. Eric and I went to a local church last night to watch a few of my friends from the Sweet Adelines chorus perform. They are a 6-person ensemble and call themselves :007. They are awesome. You can tell they've been working really hard, they sounded just wonderful. I really miss singing. I'd love to be in a quartet again. Alas, I just don't have the time to commit to it right now. I was hired by a local veterinary clinic to capture images of the new building for a design


The late afternoon sun shining thru the bride's champagne glass... The warm, loving hug of the newlyweds... Blue cotton candy... And the urge to grab his butt as you walk away from the ceremony...

From a couple of recent sessions

Here are a few of my favorite shots from a high school senior shoot. And the nice lady who fostered Freckles the Wonder Dog for the first year of her life had me come down and do some portraits of her dogs. This is Spot. He and I really clicked. What a sweetie. And this is Hana. She is a little torpedo. All over the place all the time. Sitting here with Spot, it looks like Hana is sharing a good joke with him. Our scarecrow contest entry made the local paper . We were told that it would grace the cover of another local publication, too. We had fun putting them together. Eric posted about them here . And - coming up very soon: We always have a great time here on Halloween. Of carrrrse, Eric and I be piratin' the place this year... Arrrr!!