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Catching my breath

Wow it's been a crazy month. Last-minute high school seniors, weddings, all kinds of fun. Whew! Freckles and I are doing dog agility with Sue Giles Green, what a blast! We can't wait for the weather to get nice so we get out and have fun anyway. Dog agility is the obstacle course thing for the dogs... and Freckles is a natural at it. She's a quick learner, and you can see the joy on her face when we're there. Her obedience training is really paying off there. Lucky and his herd continue to eat lots of spring grass and get fatter and fatter. Can't wait for the weather to get nice there either. Not much fun in the rain, but the horses are so sweet and affectionate, I don't even notice I'm soaked to the bone til I get home. I've also been busy with spring cleaning both at the studio and at home. Lots of yardwork to catch up on after all winter, and I've put in tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, peas, artichokes and scads of flowers. So, life goe

Lucky 14

Today is Lucky's 14th birthday. He is just doing so well, and I'm so tickled to have him in my daily life. He came into my life when he was 3 1/2 years old. He was owned by a young woman who had no time for him, and she traded him in at the car dealership where I worked in December of that year. As soon as I saw they had taken him in on trade, I had my hand up, asking can I buy him? I hadn't even met him yet. I drove up to Otis to meet him, and he was in a huge, multi-stall barn with a covered arena - all by himself. He only had chickens for company. Poor guy. He was being fed one measly bucket of oat bran a day, and was so skinny. He was tall, gangly, and YOUNG. It was winter so he had a long dull coat. Didn't look like too much of a prize, but I didn't care. I rented a trailer and borrowed a truck and went up and got him with the help of my co-worker, Damien. We took him to the fairgrounds to stay a while, and they assigned me stall #13. I ended up giv

Another busy week

Last weekend was Loyalty Days in Newport, and the Toledo Chamber served up breakfast and lunch at the PUD building for the car show. It was cold but we had a great time. Here is Newport's Mayor Bill Bain and Celeste Mathews cookin up a good time... I was hired by Newport Tile Works to capture the essence of their products for their website, that was a really fun job. They do beautiful work. Here's my favorite. Big surprise, huh? I was hired to photograph a wedding at the Oregon Coast Aquarium last weekend, what a great place to have an exceptional event. This group was more than exceptional, they were all theatre folks, and VERY outgoing. What fun! Nice 'do, huh? Last night, Brooke and I took advantage of the mild weather and cajoled Lucky and Quincy into a stroll around the pasture. Back to raining again today, but I hear the forecast is for sunshine and warmth... finally. Yay!!