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High School Seniors

One of my favorite things to capture is High School Seniors. Usually they are very adventuresome and will do nearly anything I ask them to in order to create some fun and interesting images. Here are a few from some recent sessions. If you or someone you know is a Senior this year, get your appointment made while we still have the gorgeous weather!

All play and no work?

Sometimes it seems like it to me, too. I love to share images of the fun things I do, and I am lucky enough to really enjoy my work as well as my play time. " Inside Lincoln County " filmed a segment on the Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses and I was there to capture some images of them at work. Of course, the incredible scenery out there, especially early in the morning, is what really caught my eye. Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses recently assisted with the installation of stair supports for the 110-step staircases, which have had thousands of people climbing them over the years. It's definitely worth the climb, this is the light mechanism inside the First Order Fresnel lens at the top. And the view from the top is nothing short of spectacular. Scads of brown pelicans are among the large number of birds that call the rocks at the Head home. And, at the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, the local Master Gardeners group maintains a vegetable garden where they teach local elementar

Into the forest

My friend Brooke likes to hunt elk with a bow and arrow... and she let me tag along with her yesterday. What an awesome trip. We traipsed around in the woods for a little over four hours. Didn't see any elk, or even have any respond to her calls like they had the two previous days but it was great anyway. Miss Brooke caught me hugging a tree. We stopped and took a sandwich break after a couple of hours... Miss Brooke the mighty Huntress... We saw some pretty mushrooms but left them alone... Saw some others and took them home to eat! Yum. Chanterelles. The forest is so beautiful and peaceful and amazing. This little picture doesn't do it justice. Checking out whether to go down the hill or not... I was even able to get some yard work done yesterday after we got home, and this is what my artichokes look like... almost ready to eat! Maybe with some Chanterelles... I hope you had an awesome Labor Day weekend... now it's back to work! Doesn't feel like work when you love you