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Scenes from the 2010 Boat Show

Wowee, what a weekend. This year goes down as the best Wooden Boat Show ever! Lots of pics to share so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the festival with me... We had lots of live music over the whole weekend. Here is Unkle Nancy and the Family Jewels rocking the crowd with their fun music and funky costumes... They even had a belly dancer! What fun. They are full of energy and spark, and very entertaining to watch. The Gracenotes serenaded the Sunday crowd. Lots of people were out enjoying a sail in the slough. This beautiful 17' Teak Lady sloop, MaZu was donated to the port for their kids boating club. Gorgeous boat, and very fast. Love the colors on this boat. Port Secretary Debbie Scacco and her crew including Karen from Island Wild Seafoods did an amazing job on the food, offering yummy tri-tip sandwiches, wahoo sandwiches, swordfish kabobs, shrimp cocktails, corn on the cob, and even s'mores toasted up with a blow torch. Those were fun, and yummy and gooey. T