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It's Autumn

As I mentioned earlier, Freckles and I drove to Corvallis this past Friday, and since it was such a beautiful warm autumn day, we spent a little time at Avery Park in Philomath on the way. Miss Freckles had fun sniffing around all the pretty fallen leaves... and sat for me for a moment while I caught her picture on my cell phone. This is also in Avery Park. What a beautiful place. The pic is small but if you look closely you can see Freckles sitting on the landing between the engine and the coal car. Yesterday I was treated to another water-day, fishing and crabbing. This hungry pelican came right up to the boat and let me feed him a herring. He didn't like the chunk of croissant I tossed him, and after tasting it he spit it out and let the gulls have it. They say the brown pelicans have been here in record numbers this year and they are staying late. They'll get on with their southerly migration soon. They are stunningly beautiful birds and seem very docile. We ende

Fun, work and other things

I posted on the lighthouse blog here about the event last night. What fun! Oh, and I found this and this pretty interesting in a "Thank God he's out of my life" kinda way... It's a gorgeous day here on the Oregon coast, and I'm driving to Corvallis to pick up my mom and bring her home for the weekend. She is very homesick. She is undergoing radiation treatments 5 days a week and stays at the Mario Pastega House . Send her all your good thoughts, ok? Have an awesome weekend!!

Here, fishy fishy...

I was invited to go salmon fishing yesterday up the river towards Elk City, and it was another awesome day. It rained some but it wasn't cold, and the scenery was, as usual, spectacular. I reeled in this fish... a 32 lb. chinook hen. She was gorgeous. And tasty. :) I snagged a coho buck in the middle of the back so we let him go, but not before I got a shot of his hooked beak. Looks like we'll be out trolling again this afternoon, I hope we get lucky again. The fish were jumping out of the water all around us all day, what an amazing thing to see. Very cool.

Miss Natalie

I had the honor of capturing some beautiful senior portraits of a very lovely young lady recently. Here are a couple of my favorites. We went out onto the South Jetty at Newport, among the giant rocks, huge driftwood and eroding pilings... one of my favorite places to shoot because of the awesome scenery and amazing variety out there. We came across a rock that someone had carved the word 'awesome' into. I agree!

The Definition of 'Rugged'

A day trip to Shore Acres State Park on Monday proved to be an awesome time, even tho it rained all day. I'd been to the park for their legendary annual Christmas Lights display, but had always visited after dark. So I'd never seen the amazing scenery there before. Now I can't wait to go back! Of course, no trip down the coast is complete without a stop to catch a photo of the Heceta Head Lighthouse . You know me and lighthouses... Sea Lion Caves is just around the corner, and they were out in droves. The next stop was Cape Arago Lighthouse. Next time I want to go out there onto the bluff... Then Sunset Bay State Park ... Where we saw an unusual-looking jelly on the sand. The way the rocks have eroded is just fascinating. These looked like skeletal fingers to me. There were mushrooms everywhere!! These are on the edge of the bluff overlooking the ocean. This tree was hanging over the bluff. Life always finds a way to survive. This was an eye-catching stump, with

A Steam Donkey

Last week, my friend and fellow photographer took me out and showed me a 'steam donkey' that he had been told about and then subsequently searched for and found in the woods. As far as we can tell, it was used in the late 1920s, and has been abandoned in the woods to rot along with the gigantic stumps of the trees the loggers cut. They placed this steam engine on two huge logs for a platform, and then they would use the engine and steel cables to pull the logs they'd cut up the hill to the road. The two huge logs were used for stability, and they are still bound together with axles. It is slowly sliding down the hill... Freckles stands on one of the stabilizing logs, you can see the scale thanks to her... she had a blast running around in the woods. One of the stabilizing logs has put such steady pressure on this tree that it has flattened out and grown to surround the end of the log. Another shot that shows the size of this thing... This plate says "Willame

In the news

It seems like I've been in the local paper a lot lately... Here is a story featuring my Halloween Costume Portraits Event... which was an awesome event again this year, the weather was nice and we had a great turnout. Here is my write-up in regards to running for a seat on the Toledo City Council, which, by the way, I did win. Woo hoo! And this is in today's edition. What a blast that was!! Life has just been crazy for me lately, lots going on all the way around. But, I have been able to do some fun sightseeing and will post some new pics very soon!!