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Freckles rocked last night at our beginning agility graduation... what a great dog. Sue has an awesome class coming up in the fall, I'm looking forward to it. It'll be more of the commands we learned in obedience, with hand signals added and more agility and fun stuff too. It's 10 weeks next time, and unfortunately for my Sweet Adelines friends, it's being held on Thursdays. So I'll be missing chorus. Sorry ladies. This is in today's local paper - I'm putting it on my calendar. Looks like great fun. And Carol is an aquaintance. What an interesting sport. Now that I see how smart and agile Freckles is, I'm anxious to continue to explore this. She's been a clumsy puppy but is really learning a bit of grace. I'm so proud of her. Oh, and I adopted her a year ago on the 16th, so Happy Anniversary to Freckles. This was the picture Dawn-Marie used on her adoption profile, the one that just kept drawing me back to her... and I didn't want a bi

Is it summer yet?

We've been having some gorgeous weather this week, it feels so good. Freckles and I have been to the beach a few times and have some time set aside again this afternoon for some run-time before our final agility class tonite. We get to perform the whole course for our graduation. Freckles has taken to this like a duck to water, and Brooke mentioned that she sees an increase in Miss F's confidence level... so I think we'll continue to do the agility thing, its been a blast so far. Miss Brooke has been camping with her horse Mocha and two of her mules, Socks and Bonnie Sue for the last few days at a trailhead campground just north of Florence. I drove up there last night, what a gorgeous place to hang out for a while with your trusty steeds. I'm looking forward to camping up there with Lucky this summer... and since summer seems to be here now, that means it should be fairly soon. Yay. My backyard flowers and veggies are all looking really good, I even saw a ripe

What a difference a day makes

The weather is back. Yay. It's sunny, fairly warm and a bit breezy today... but the sun is out!! Yay! Freckles and I both feel so much better when we can soak up a few rays now and again. I'm starting to feel like me again, having done lots of spring cleaning and making my home mine again and my studio reflects who I am more than ever now. Yay. Studio is busy too, with an 8th-grade moving-up ceremony last night and a wedding-guest-book session tonight at the beach. Tomorrow will be a long day on the road with a family session in Rockaway Beach and a wedding in Yachats. Yay! I'm looking for the new Seniors, class of 2009, to get started on their sessions so they can show off their portraits to their classmates... so to the class of '09... GET IN HERE!! Have a wonderful weekend!

One foot in front of the other...

This amazingly long winter has been doing its best to get me down... come on, SNOW in JUNE??? The wet, cold, wintry weather makes me feel like closing all the curtains, locking the doors, and snuggling up on the sofa with a good book, a bowl of (insert your favorite fattening comfort food here), and my doggie and kitties. I have a long list of things I want to do - like riding my horse - but they are honestly not much fun in the cold rainy weather we have going on outdoors. Location sessions are having to be rescheduled again and again. Amber says "the sun'll come out tomorrow", but I've been hearing that for three months now. I'm ready for some warm sunshine so I can get out and absorb some vitamin D and enjoy this beautiful place I call home and the beautiful animals I call friends. My divorce is still in limbo, and as my attorney puts it, my ex will not settle for anything that does not unfairly benefit him. All I'm asking for is fair and equitable..

Here and There

Even tho the weather doesn't much feel like spring, the flowers in my yard are just going to town. They look awesome and very, very happy. Here is my huge clematis, the flowers are about 7" across. The grapes my dad planted along my back fence years ago are happier than they've ever been, too. I didn't cut them back much last winter and now they are huge and covered with baby grapes. Yay!! My neighbor gave me some iris bulbs several years ago, they've finally matured now to the point that they are blooming, several blooms on each stalk. They are just gorgeous. This is my strawberry bed. I should have some ripe berries here very soon... assuming the weather actually does warm up and become summery... I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that. I had a fun family shoot in Waldport this past weekend, here is one of my favorite shots. This was as we were finishing up and he was looking forward to going inside for some cocoa to warm up. It was a pleasant day f