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A couple of fun things

Sunday afternoon I went with my friend Howard to see Mamma Mia , the musical featuring ABBA songs, and I had the best time watching that movie! The singing was really good, the story was fun and sweet, the scenery spectacular, and it was made for women in my age group. I definitely recommend it. Last night I had dinner with my friend Amber at Nye Beach's Savory Cafe . The atmosphere was fun and relaxing, the host Chris was charming and sweet, and the food was amazing. I highly recommend it. Plus they have live music coming up in August, featuring one of my favorite local groups, Coin of the Realm , among others. Tell them Amber's friend sent ya. Chris was telling us he previously worked for Rogue Ales , and shot some promo videos for them... they are on YouTube and they are really very funny. I'll be helping with the Survivor's Celebration at the Aquarium tonight, cameras in hand. Should be an amazing evening... I'll need to make sure I have some tissues

Another busy weekend...

Toledo's Summer Festival was this weekend, and was filled with activities. I helped out with the parade, which was organized by the Toledo Chamber , and led by our Police Chief Mark Fandrey and "McGruff". TC Duty kept everyone in line... And Steve Wilson was there to direct traffic. Miss Julie Rockwell did an awesome job (as always) organizing things and keeping on top of things, including Mayor Jim Chambers. Jim Tough was there to keep an eye on all of us... After the parade, I went to the festival grounds and said hi to my friend Karissa... Queen of Loyalty Days ... as she calls it, "Loyalty Royalty". She had her own face-painting booth. Her step-mom Misti displayed Karissa's talents for the folks. Then I went and watched the famous logging show, always entertaining. Then Saturday night I had a wedding at Starfish Point . Danielle and Roy always do such a nice job out there. This gal just tickled me with her personality... it really comes thru in this

All I can say is 'wow'...

I have found myself saying this word over and over in my head the last few weeks. I just have to smile and shake my head at the way things work out sometimes. Some of this has to do with my friend Guy . So, as you know, last week I took my mom to her home in Golden, Colorado to attend her 55th high school reunion. She attended Golden High School. Guy attended Golden High School . His mom and brothers still live in the Denver area. 5 years ago on the 4th of July I married Eric in the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse . We held our reception at the Embarcadero that night and watched the fireworks from one of the decks while Jimmy Buffett and friends provided the background music. Guy and I went to the Embarcadero on the 4th this year, sat on the "Parrot Deck", listened to Jimmy Buffett and friends and watched the fireworks over the bay. I was wishing I'd had a time machine... but I guess that's a moot point. We had a great time. I went into the gift shop at the Embarcadero, a

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado

I was very recently treated to a trip to the Colorado Rocky Mountains. My mom attended her 55th high school reunion. Out of a class of 95, nearly half of them showed up. They all seemed to have a good time seeing each other again. We visited my grandparents’ graves and this caught my eye. The soft, sweet, gentle colors and cold beauty of the stone standing all alone in all that green space just captivates me. My cousin Melanie and Mom and I did some shopping while we were there, traipsing thru the little towns dotting the gorgeous Rockies. This was life-size, in a doggie toy shop. But this is a real dog. This is Ruby, one of Mel’s three sweet and spoiled dogs. The gift shop at the top of Lookout Mountain has this sign posted as you walk in the door... I thought my girlfriend Brooke would appreciate it... it made me laugh too. This is downtown Denver from Lookout. Yikes. This is Golden, and in the center you can see the Coors Brewery dominating the landscape. I'm not much of


The new exhibit at the Oregon Coast Aquarium is not to be missed. Local glass artists have created some of the most beautiful work for these tanks, here are just a couple... there are many more. There are also some tanks full of red, white and blue jellies, they are so graceful... these are about 2 inches long. I don't remember the name of this guy, but I liked his silver face... Been really busy here at the studio with summer beach weddings, high school seniors and other fun stuff... here are a couple of favorites from recent events... Happy newlyweds A playful and fun high school senior... Who also has an elegant side... And a fun couple whose wedding I'm covering on Sunday, this is from their guestbook album session. I love my job!!!

Floating Horse Teeth and other fun stuff

Recently my friend Brooke had an appointment for annual health care for her 8 horses and mules, so we hauled Lucky and Lacey out to her place for their vet checks and annual care, which includes floating the teeth. Yikes. This is quite the operation. First the horse is sedated until the knees start to buckle, then they are fitted with this contraption. And yes, it's called a speculum. Then the vet grabs this drill-like tool with a long rod and a rotating grinder on the end and grinds the molars back down to smooth so the horse has an efficient surface to process their food... Its a difficult thing to watch, but necessary for their health. I'm glad I'm not a horse. Brooke brought her horse Mocha out to where Lucky lives and we rode up in the hills above the valley, what a beautiful ride that was. A recent morning had me out in the yard again with my camera. Things are growing beautifully. I get a dozen strawberries a day out of my patch. Yum! I'm looking forward to se