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The Weather is Here...

Wow, we have finally had a few days in a row with no rain! Yay! Been busy ticking off some things on my 'oh yeah, I still need to do that' list. Feels great to have a beautiful weekend to get 'em done. The yard is finally starting to get whipped into shape. Whew! Yesterday I got exactly what I wanted as far as weather, cloudy so I could make these portraits of a lovely lady and her horses, then the sun came out about noon and stayed out. A great day! I hope you're having an awesome weekend too!!

The Great Outdoors

Recently, I attended the Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife's 3-day "Becoming an Outdoor Woman" camp-out at Drift Creek Camp, southeast of Lincoln City. The weather wasn't great, it was chilly and rainy the whole weekend, like our entire spring has been here. But it was a lot of fun. Hiking thru the woods, I ran across this face watching me. It's just moss and stuff growing on a tree, but how cool is this? Drift Creek is beautiful, no shortage of water there, that's for sure. Saw some raccoon tracks in the muddy riverbank... This maple is huge over the river. Beautiful! Saw a Hobbit House. And a pretty waterfall. Drift Creek Camp is a Mennonite Camp and a neat place to go. I vaguely remember being there as a little girl, maybe in Brownies or something. One of the classes they offered was fly-fishing. Here, one of the volunteer instructors tries for a trout. This is the inside of the ground floor of the lodge. A pretty cool place to hang out. And the ext