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Catching Up

It's been a really busy month here at the studio. Here's one from a wedding I did last weekend: An irresistible ring-bearer from a wedding a couple of weeks ago: And a couple from the high school senior session we did last night: The weather has been great! A little chilly maybe, but gorgeous sunsets for weddings and senior portraits.

Family Affair

Yesterday we had a surprise visit. The lady who has Freckles' littermate brother Scrappy stopped by so they could meet. They look very much alike, and had a great time romping around a little bit here at the studio. This is Miss Freckles And this is her brother, Scrappy We found out a few things about our doggie, like her birthday is August 9th, and that she has 8 littermates, all adopted into good homes. She is a very patient portrait subject as well, even when I pose her precariously on a stool. We had our first class in dog obedience last night, and she did fabulously. She's been thru it before, but its all new to Eric and me, and to my Mom who has her little dog Rosie in the class.

To be fair...

more often than not, the officiant either gets out of the way of 'the shot', or they kinda hide behind the B&G for the kiss. Not all of them stand there like goombas watching the couples' first kiss. Lucky for me... And my favorites are the anticipatory ones, where the kiss hasn't quite happened yet... the expressions are just the best. Another busy week here at the studio. I had a wedding Friday night that Eric was able to shoot with me... another Saturday night that I did alone, and a high school senior from Salem this afternoon. Whew! Oh, and this is quite an honor. Wow. Can't wait to see them up!! Here are both of the designs they chose.

What's Wrong with This Picture?

We all know that 'the kiss' is one of the moments in almost any wedding ceremony that is on 'the list' of 'must take' pictures for the hired photographer, right? So, can you spot the one thing in all of these pictures that ruin them? I will admit, some foresighted officiants DO move out of the shot before they tell the couple they can kiss, but I would think it would be something they would all think about. Guess I'm going to have to become more assertive and start instructing them...