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It's time for Toledo's Scarecrow Festival. I've seen them popping up all over town. Brenda Searle helped me set this all up today, was a beautiful sunny day and we had a lot of fun. We used stuff we found in the attic at the Port office and some stuff that I had from doing past displays. Had a super-short Council meeting tonight so I swung by to get an after-dark pic. Looks cute. The weather is supposed to get ugly over the weekend, I hope it all holds up!

Lucky's Friends

Tonight when I went out to visit my beautiful Lucky, the elk herd was in the pasture again. There are a dozen or so cows, and this beautiful buck. He was laying down when I got there. I quietly made my way out to where they were, the horses helped me a lot by gathering around me and camouflaging my approach. I got within about a hundred yards of them. They are just stunning. He finally stood up and gathered up his girls. When I'd apparently gotten too close, they decided to move back up into the woods. The horses just graze right alongside these guys. Too cool!! Recently I purchased a new kayak, and these pics are from the maiden voyage up the beautiful Yaquina River. I love my new boat, and am looking forward to many adventures in it. And lots of photo ops, to be sure! The leaves are turning color and falling now, so the scenery is at one of its finest times for photos.