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Ten Again

My sister visited Newport last week from Florida, sans husband and sons, which is unusual for her... so she and I had plenty of opportunity to be kids again together. I actually had some free time, which is unusual for me, so we did some day-trippin and enjoyed some of the wonders of Lincoln County. First we went south to Florence. Had to stop for some photo ops. Had lunch on the waterfront in Florence while we took the opportunity to wander the bayfront there. Saw some pretty flowers... And then we did the white-knuckle ride on the dunes... man what a blast. It's like an hour-long roller coaster but thru natural dunes that cover 75 square miles. If you've never done it, I highly recommend it. I got to ride shotgun (YES!!), and Linda is right behind me. This is our driver, Rick. He did an awesome job... very exciting! He'd stop for photo ops and take pics for us with our own cameras. What a trip! Linda wanted to try to do it again before she left but the to-do l

Coming Around Again

This weekend I was called upon by my friend and fellow photographer to stand in for her at a wedding she'd booked - she had an emergency and couldn't be there for it. It just so happened that I was able to do it, and what a great time it was. The weather was perfect, and the setting also quite beautiful. I recognized the groom's name on the contract, and wondered if it was the same Jim Hayter that I went to school with. Sure enough!! One of my classmates from Newport High. The families all had a good laugh about that. He looks great, is obviously very happy and married a very kind and beautiful woman named Ronda. They live in Arizona now. My class is having our 30-year (OMG really?? 30 years???) reunion this summer, and I'm looking forward to catching up with some of my other classmates. Jim said he hopes to be there as well. Interesting how things work out sometimes.