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Everybody Wants You

The song by Billy Squier keeps running through my head when I think about all the kitties who are trying to adopt me lately. There is a very pretty tabby mix with white paws who hangs around the studio and is getting very friendly. Not friendly enough that I have a picture of him/her yet, but enough that I can feed her and approach her and pet her. I've gotten her to come into the studio a couple of times, but Sissy has a fit and attacks her again and again until I let her escape. I call her Stripe. I believe she is female, and hope she has been spayed. I don't know what to do about her, I'd like for her to have a nice home but apparently it isn't going to be here, as long as Sissy rules the roost. Anyone out there want a nice kitty? Then there is Adonis. He has been hanging around the back door at home. He is absolutely gorgeous. And very friendly. Indy doesn't seem too put-off by him, so I don't know if she'll allow him to adopt me or not. He and Indy loo

Geocaching and other delights

Our part of the state has escaped relatively unharmed in the recent winter weather events. We had some snow, and some ice but nothing like the Willamette Valley experienced. Eric and I went geocaching last weekend, and ended up walking the mile-long snowy trail to the top of Communications Hill at Yaquina Head. We found the cache and logged our visit, then enjoyed the view from the highest point in the vicinity. It was a clear and beautiful afternoon, albeit pretty chilly. We stayed to watch the sunset. Eric shot these beautiful pictures during our jaunt. Pink mist I love the variations in color in this shot.... The tiny size of the boat against the enormity of the ocean and land mass... The lighthouse was just renovated and restored to its original colors... it looks gorgeous. If you've never heard of, or never experienced geocaching, I highly recommend it. Get yourself an inexpensive GPS unit - I saw one the other day for about $100, and get in on this treasure hunt. It

Snow Day

I finally got out this morning after a few false starts and captured some images of the beautiful snowy scenes around the studio. Here are a few of my favorites. This is a detail shot of a metal sculpture/bench created by local aritsan Sam BriseƱo . Snow on holly This is my studio, shot from across the street and up the hill. You can see the crows that steal the cat food I put out for my furry little friends. I wanted to get over to the beach and do some shooting but I value my life and limb (and my car) too much to risk it. Maybe next time. Be careful out there!!

My Feline Friends

I currently have 4 feline friends. I have a long-haired tabby at home, and she is my sole house-pet now. She is about 8½ years old, and I’ve had her since she was about a month old. She came into my life on the third of July, 1998. I was working at a car dealership in Newport at the time, and a customer came onto the lot, in a small pickup truck, drunk, and threw this poor, tiny little kitten out onto the pavement because she had pooped in his truck. So that was the last time he ever saw her. Because of the date, I named her “Independence” and call her Indy. She played second fiddle to Toby for about 6 years, and when he died, she really started to come out of her shell. She is now ruler of the house, and is playful, affectionate and gorgeous. And she seems very happy. Whenever I am sitting, she is on my lap, and she sleeps on the bed with us, too. Simon came into my life when I moved the studio to its current location. He belonged to my neighbor and he was left behind when


As we change over our annual calendars, it is natural that we humans consider the changes that have come to pass in the old year, and ones we want to make, or foresee coming our way in the new year. I, of course, am no exception. There have been LOTS of changes in my life in the past year, and I foresee a lot more of them ahead in 2007. I have decided to take one more day a week off. The studio will be closed on Sundays and Mondays, starting next week. I’ve been neglecting myself and my household for the last year or more, and need to have two days off a week. Period. I’ve decided to make this blog more about me, and not just about my job and my business. So you’ll see more posts of a personal note here. Like this one. I had to put my dog down yesterday. She was over 17 years old, and had spent 16½ of them by my side. She was a wonderful, smart, energetic and enthusiastic little girl, and I loved her dearly. But, at 17 human years, she was at an equivalent of 140 – if you