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Sweet Simon

Simon the studio cat was killed yesterday, out in front of the restaurant next door. They have been working over there day and night, remodeling the place, and when we stopped by the studio yesterday, the Chef gave us the bad news. They had loaded up all the chairs in a trailer, and as they were pulling out, apparently Simon ran under the trailer. Highly unusual behavior for Simon. Anyway, Chef took him to a vet, but Simon didn't make it. I miss him so much already. He always recognized the car before I even pulled into the lot and he would run out to greet me. I was always so careful to watch where he was so I wouldn't run over him. He had a silent meow. The only time he really made noise was when he wanted either in or out. The rest of the time he'd open his mouth to meow but nothing came out. He was hard of hearing, and it was very easy to startle him awake as he slept on his ottoman. When it was time to go outside as I was closing the studio, I'd have to yell his na

Sick and Tired

of being sick - and tired. I've had a bad chest and head cold for the last week or so, and it's just been miserable. I won't bore you with the details. My wrist is feeling better every day, the bruising is turning yellow now, which means it's healing. Yay. I like my short hair more every day too. Freckles the Wonder Dog graduated her basic obedience class with honors, meaning we had perfect attendance. We had a lot of fun, too... and learned lots of things we can practice. She is such a smart dog, she 'gets' things really quick. And I can't say enough good things about Sue Giles Green . She really knows her stuff. And she makes it a lot of fun. The restaurant next door is undergoing quite the transformation. Chef Wheeler (from the Embarcadero) has purchased it and is remodeling the interior. The new name is "Chef's Place" and they are shooting for their grand opening to be in early December. That'll be nice. I'm looking forward to seei

A new 'do

Well, according to my regular physician, and the radiologist as well, the ER doc that told me my wrist was fractured was apparently mistaken. Which is good. I don't have to wear a cast for the next 6 or 8 weeks. I have a wrist brace now that helps to support it, because it is still swollen and very sore. But, it's not broken. Yay!! The bad news is, I went and had all my hair chopped off so that I could wash and style it with one hand. So now I have a really cute little pixie cut. I do like it, but kinda wish I'd have waited a day or two. Oh well. It's only hair, and it'll grow back out, right? Meanwhile I get to enjoy the ease and convenience of short hair. What do you think of it? Another high school senior session this afternoon. They are always so much fun. Have a great weekend!!

From a recent session

A couple of my faves... Eric and I were doing a group shot at a local preschool yesterday, and as I was arranging the kids, one of them snuck out of the lineup and sat down right behind my feet. As I stepped backward, I tripped on him and fell on my butt, fracturing the radius bone in my left forearm. I am already sick of the splint and typing one handed. Oh well, coulda been worse, I guess. At least it wasn't my right hand.

Costume Portraits

Some of my favorite shots from our Halloween event... Yes, that's Swashbuckler Eric and Freckles the Wonder Dog. She is dressed as a pirate as well. Looking forward to next year's event!

Creatures of the Night

Some images from the aquarium... This is a jack-o-lantern. This guy was in the tank in Passages of the Deep... Our friend Morgan enjoying the live music and fire dancers. We had a great time, and look forward to next year!