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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Monday morning I woke to a beautiful snow shower. So I bundled myself and Miss Freckles up, grabbed the camera and went for a walk around the neighborhood. This is what we saw. This is a pansy in my back yard. I hope it keeps on growing. Brrr. Was pretty while it lasted tho. Now we're back to just rain. Come on, spring!!

The Pixie 'do

I finally did a new self-portrait today, since I keep getting my hair cut shorter and shorter. It kinda felt like false advertising to keep running pictures of me with long hair. So here ya go. The new me. I'm showing a lot more of my face now! I keep getting compliments on it, and I really do love it myself. I've been really busy with community stuff here in Toledo, the Chamber of Commerce is organizing the annual banquet/auction, and this year it's a luau theme... that's on February 2nd. That should be loads of fun. I've also been active in Toledo CERT , and the Toledo Development Association . Lots of 'hometown proud' work. And I love being involved and being active. The networking doesn't hurt either. This weekend my mom and I are going to this exceptional fundraiser , which I'm very much looking forward to, and then I'll be participating in the Women for Women workshop with a display table and lots more networking. The studio has


Thank goodness for it. Eric and I are divorcing. These last few months have been very difficult. But I feel like I'm over the hump and headed back up into the sunshine. Whew. Sunday was sunny and warm, and I spent some time in my backyard, pruning, cleaning, checking out what's growing. There are some neat things happening out there. I am going to have a HUGE mound of strawberries this summer. This is a small shoot. The calla lily is doing well, even though it's only January. I should have lots of flowers come spring. This pansy is actually blooming. I was amazed. I hope all my pansies survive the winter. They are so beautiful. This is my rose. I was really surprised to see the bud on it. The clematis is also blooming. Spring is just around the corner. Yay! Oh, and I hit my 25 pound mark on Saturday. Onward and upward!

Trudging thru the winter

I spoke to my friend Rhonda yesterday. Rhonda and her family up and moved to Florida late last fall, and left their mare Sidney in my care. This is Sidney. Anyway, Rhonda says she feels like she has moved to heaven. It was 75 degrees when she got up, and was about 77 when we spoke. She said she'll never move back here, into the dark, cold and rain. I get that. I would love to be a snowbird and spend my winters somewhere I could actually get out and enjoy being outside. I trudge thru ankle deep muck every day to feed and clean up after 4 horses, and its usually in the dark, and rain, and wind. Florida sounds so good to me right now. I also have a sister there, and would really love to plan a winter trip to visit. But, Freckles and I just keep on keepin on, along with the help of my girlfriends. I would be lost without them. Miss Freckles spends her days with me here at the studio snoozing in the recliner. I don't dare even ask her to let me sit there anymore. When I do, she lays