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What a weekend!

Saturday morning, after my Weight Watchers meeting (I'm down 12 lbs., my girlfriend has lost over 30!!) I went to the Toledo Summer Festival parade. I got to ride on top of a fire engine. That was way cool. This was the truck behind us. Apparently these guys didn't have anything better to do than watch a parade... Then I uploaded some wonderful family portraits I'd done the night before. Here are some of my favorites. Then I went and helped staff the CERT booth for a couple of hours at the Summer Festival. Sunday, Eric and I took Freckles to a fairly secluded stretch of beach where she can run around and have some fun. I had my camera with me and captured some interesting things. This piece of grass was stuck in the sand and made an interesting pattern when the wind moved it around. This surf-fisherman really had Freckles concerned. She apparently thought he needed to be rescued, or was trying to warn him to get out of the water. She wouldn't stop barking at him.

Freckles the Wonder Dog

Miss Freckles likes to hang out at the studio with me during the day, and has taken over the recliner as her favorite napping spot. We still have some issues with chewing up things that don't belong to her, but we are working on that. She is such a good doggie. Very smart and very sweet. The county fair was disappointing, because the weather was yucky all four days. Attendance was way down, but we had a good time anyway. We talked with a lot of people, got lots of 'wow!'s on the big sample prints, and will hopefully book some jobs because of the face-time. Next year is the 100th county fair, so I'm hopeful that it will be a great time. I'll be there with bells on. I had a fun shoot last week with a very beautiful little girl, commemorating her first birthday. Here are some of my favorites. What a doll. Eric took some time yesterday afternoon to do some macro work in our back yard. He is a very smart guy. When I told him yesterday morning about the weeding and stu

And now its off to the county fair

Eric and his partner helped me set up my booth at the Lincoln County Fair yesterday. We'll be adding to it this morning, and then open for business and schmoozing all weekend. See you there!

So you wanna be a student rep?

I'm looking for high-school senior student reps all over Lincoln County. You have an opportunity to earn a huge portrait package in exchange for your referrals. Details are on the website . I had a fun family session the other day, here are a few of my favorites from that. We're having a garage sale tomorrow. What fun! Have a great weekend!!

Pet Portraits

My mom is coming in today to have her dog Rosie's portraits done, since she's just been to the groomer. Since I was all set up, I thought I'd take some shots of my studio cat, Sissy. So I gave her some catnip and started shooting. I think I'll have a 'dog days of summer' or 'dog day afternoon' promotion in the next month or so, so people can bring in their dogs for portraits. Sounds like fun. Here is one of my favorite shots of Miss Rosie. Check out those eyelashes!! This is the composite I made from the best shots.

July So Far...

I was hired to shoot a wedding this weekend, two of Eric's co-workers got hitched, so Eric and I had a great time shooting away most of Sunday afternoon. Here are a few of my favorites. Congratulations, Jeff and Trish!! And as Eric mentioned , we had a nice boat ride last night for the fireworks. Thanks again to Dell and Melody. Enjoy your trip Mel!