Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beach Time

Freckles and I took advantage of the nice weather yesterday for a much-needed romp on the beach. The joy she exhibits when we're there is just infectious. She smiles the whole time and makes me smile and laugh. Just what the doctor ordered!
These holes in the rock are from Piddock Clams. They are everywhere on the beach but I still find them fascinating.
Of course, there are tons of shorebirds there, including crows, which are actually beautiful birds, tho I know they can be a nuisance.
The surf was high but the wind was calm. A gorgeous day to be out!
I liked how the sun was shining thru the Fresnel lens of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. One of my favorite things!!
Got LOTS of stuff going on this weekend with the Seafood and Wine Festival, among others... hope you have an awesome weekend!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another trip around the sun...

They say it's your birthday... happy birthday to ya...

Yeah it's my birthday today (46! holy cow!) and I am hoping for one great gift in particular, and that is the Judge signing the divorce judgement. My fingers and toes are crossed. Would be an awesome thing to finally have that ugly, ugly chapter of my life closed.

Got City meetings today and the regular Council meeting tonite... our Mayor has promised me cake and ice cream! Woo hoo!

Oh, and I just got two big beautiful bouquets delivered here at the studio. How thoughtful!!

Here are the lyrics to the song mentioned in the title, by Jimmy Buffett and Martina McBride. A great song.

Hear 'em singing happy birthday
Better think about the wish I make
This year gone by
Ain't been a piece of cake.

Every day's a revolution
Pull it together and it comes undone
Just one more candle and a trip around the sun.

I'm just hanging on while this old world keeps spinning
And it's good to know it's out of my control.
If there's one thing that I've learned from all this living
Is that it wouldn't change a thing if I let go.

No you never see it coming,
Always wind up wondering where it went.
Only time will tell
If it was time well spent.

It's another revelation,
Celebrating what I should have done
With these souvenirs of my trip around the sun.

I'm just hanging on while this old world keeps spinning
And it's good to know it's out of my control.
If there's one thing I have learned from all this living
Is that it wouldn't change a thing if I let go.

Yes I'll make a resolution
That I'll never make another one.
Just enjoy this ride on my
Trip around the sun.
Just enjoy this ride
On my trip around the sun.

I'm thinking that Freckles and I deserve some beach time today too, since it's not raining and she has a lot of pent-up energy lately. I do too. Must be the approaching spring. There are daffodils in bloom already and my lilac at home is covered with buds. Yay!!

Hope you have an awesome day!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Playing Hooky

Yesterday was such a nice day, I was going a little stir crazy here at the studio... I spend so much time in front of this computer, I just need to get away from it sometimes.

So I grabbed my yellow boat and headed out for a nice kayak trip on Beaver Creek. It was gorgeous out there, a little windy early on but it died down and was just stunningly beautiful. This is the result of a very busy beaver... you can see the teeth marks in this stump that they took down to use in their dam.
It is so peaceful out there, and the views are just breathtaking. I really love this new hobby.
Up river, the wind had disappeared and the water was so still and clear. Another awesome trip. Can't wait to do a LOT more of this.
Last night I went to Yachats to see this guy... I think I have quite a crush on him. He is AWESOME.
Oh, and Happy Valentines Day. I hope yours is enjoyable. I had a fun shoot here at the studio this afternoon that included a very busy labradoodle and her family. Whew. Kids and pets... always a challenge. Makes the beautiful results even more satisfying.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Caution: Rant

You know, I really have a strong dislike for Valentines Day anymore. Not so much the day itself or the things it stands for, but the way our society and the media have come to portray it as an obligation to purchase gifts.

I had the tv on this morning while I was getting ready for work and must have heard 'Valentines Day' a hundred times in an hour. Holy cow. Talk about shoving it down our throats. Isn't there anything more important to talk about on the morning news shows??

This is the message I get: If you are married and/or in a committed relationship, you can expect to feel obligated to purchase diamond jewelry and/or candy and/or flowers just because the media says you have to. I say bunk!

I heard a radio commercial the other day where the announcer actually said, you have to buy flowers for your Valentine because "she expects it". Well duh. Of course she does. Because every media is filled with advertising for things you HAVE to buy for your sweetie. Yikes.

So. Say you're a single woman. Oh, like me for instance. Single because you WANT to be. Single because you prefer it that way. According to the media, people like me have no more value than the pile of dog poo on the lawn. Because I don't have a 'partner'. Yikes.

On MSN: "Enjoy Valentines Day Even if You're Single." Seriously?? Because I'm single, I'm worthless? Oh please.

I actually think I'm one of the lucky ones, having no obligations or expectations of this particular day. If I give a gift, it is from my heart, not because I feel like I have to. If I receive a gift, I certainly hope it comes from the heart and not from a feeling of obligation.

I had an interesting conversation with my friend Martha the other day about gift giving and receiving. We both learned some things about ourselves, which is what good conversations are all about. One of the things I have become aware of over the years is that if you feel obligated to give a gift (or even so much as a greeting card), that - to me - negates the entire spirit of the giving. Giving, to me, is something from the heart which is more spur of the moment, out of the blue and unexpected. And I certainly prefer the gifts I receive to be in the same spirit. Not because the various industries and media tell you or me that we HAVE TO. Yikes.

Don't even get me started on Christmas.

Ok. End of rant. :) Happy Valentines Day. I hope you get everything you expect. :)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Taken for a ride

Yesterday I took my kayak out for her maiden voyage on a local lake... it was an awesome day - in the low 70s and no wind to speak of... a t-shirt day in early February. Wow.
I learned a few things and will make some adjustments but I know I am going to put a lot of miles on my pretty yellow kayak. What an amazing toy. Yahoo!
The scenery was, of course, stunningly beautiful. I can't wait to go again!
Things are getting busy at the studio again with High School Senior portraits and upcoming weddings being booked. Better get your appointment made today!