Monday, August 23, 2010

Scenes from the 2010 Boat Show

Wowee, what a weekend. This year goes down as the best Wooden Boat Show ever! Lots of pics to share so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the festival with me...

We had lots of live music over the whole weekend. Here is Unkle Nancy and the Family Jewels rocking the crowd with their fun music and funky costumes...

They even had a belly dancer! What fun. They are full of energy and spark, and very entertaining to watch.
The Gracenotes serenaded the Sunday crowd.
Lots of people were out enjoying a sail in the slough. This beautiful 17' Teak Lady sloop, MaZu was donated to the port for their kids boating club. Gorgeous boat, and very fast.
Love the colors on this boat.
Port Secretary Debbie Scacco and her crew including Karen from Island Wild Seafoods did an amazing job on the food, offering yummy tri-tip sandwiches, wahoo sandwiches, swordfish kabobs, shrimp cocktails, corn on the cob, and even s'mores toasted up with a blow torch. Those were fun, and yummy and gooey.
The Toledo Chamber crew served up their famous pancake breakfasts and the crowds were just eating it up! Good stuff!
Service with a smile...
Saw some familiar faces...
Attended the presentations in the brand new kids boating club clubhouse... This is retired Coast Guard Commander Tom McAdams, a wiry local legend with a talent for story-telling.
And Roger Fletcher, giving an interesing talk on drift boats...
Even a little snake came by to visit. I'd never seen one in the slough before.
It sure got this doggie's attention.
Also in the new boathouse, the free fiddle workshop by Kelly Tibodeau.It was fun to watch the young ones try out a fiddle for the first time.
Everyone enjoyed trying this out.
Ran into the Ferguson family...
Stopped by the face painting booth run by my friend Karissa and had her do a nice design for me. She does beautiful work... and is such a sweetheart!
There were people paddling all up and down the slough during the whole festival.
Jack and Maggie Brown help a couple of paddlers into their PFDs before they head off into the slough.
Saw lots of furry friends there too.
Even saw a pirate or two! Some of them were lobbing potatoes out of cannons at targets floating in the water. Arrrr...
The kids toy boat building booth was a hive of activity all weekend. Some amazing works of art...
And fun to do for the whole family... ;) Love the octopus on her face.
A budding young artist. And boat-lover!
This one is a veteran, I'll bet she has 5 or 6 boats she's built at the shows. We love our regulars!
One of the most impressive parts of the boat show is the family boat building. 6 boats were built at the show this year, started on Friday morning and launched on Sunday afternoon. The first person I ran into was Mr. Stangeland, my high school photography teacher.
It was really neat to watch the progress.
This is local boatwright Rick Johnson, one of the instructors for the boat building. His work is absolutely beautiful. And he is a super nice man.
Smiling happy boatbuilders.
And then they're launched. And away they go!
These are very stable, very fast boats. What fun! Of course, there were plenty of wooden boats on display, and lots of folks joined in the people-powered boat races.
Here you can see the new boathouse. It is beautiful inside, walled with rough-cut cedar... it smells so good in there. It'll be used as a classroom for the youth boating club, where they'll learn to build boats, run boats, maintain boats, and hopefully enjoy a life-long love of the water.
The weather was perfect all weekend. Our M.C. Chuck paddled around the slough with his mic and did the announcing from out there for a little while.
Then he had a run-in with the law.
This pretty much summed up the weekend, since the boat show was at the same time as the all-class reunion, which brought lots of people to town.
The wood boats are always so beautiful, a work of art unto itself. And obviously each and every one is well loved.
This is a detail from the bow of the Ravn, above.
Please don't let me oversleep and miss going boating...
Met lots of nice folks.
Rick Johnson built this canoe for my friend Tom Chandler. Beautiful!
It was one for the record books. Loved every minute of it!


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