Wednesday, April 25, 2007


First, a pretty picture of Donnie, taken by Eric while he was lounging on the porch swing.The nanny goat had three kids, one of which did not survive. The other two are now residing with the horses, geese, ducks, and their mama in the pasture. One is quite a bit bigger than the other and he is definitely the trouble-maker of the two. He refused to get his head outta one of the horses' feed buckets and ended up being picked up and thrown, bawling, by said horse. I'm afraid it will take a few more lessons like that for him to learn that he shouldn't oughta do that. Here is Frick.
The smaller of the two doesn't have any horns yet. He is very sweet and sociable. He is definitely human-imprinted. He's really vocal, too, and his little maaa is really endearing. This is Frack.
They are now about 15-18 inches tall. Very cute.
This is Quincy, reacting to the dinner bell. "Ho hum. Guess I have to drag my ass all the way up to the barn so those people can feed me some grain and alfalfa."
My Lucky, on the other hand, shows much more enthusiasm for his feed. "Woo hoo!! Dinnertime!!"
And on the homefront, Eric posted about the freebie porch swing and the nice warm spring day we, well mostly he, recently spent lounging around on it.
And as Eric also mentioned, I planted three tomato plants. They look kinda silly, being so little with such huge cages, but I'll take new pictures of them periodically so we can see how well they fill up and even overflow their cages.

We've always had really good luck with tomatoes (and zucchini - ugh! lesson learned there...) in this location, except we have some issues with blossom end rot. Maybe I'll rig up some kind of drip watering system this year. Or maybe I'll just add it to Eric's Honey-do list. ;)


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