Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Old Bay Mare

... she aint what she used to be. Not that any of us are. But she's getting to be really geriatric now. She'll be 32 in July. Wowsers.
My old Lacey's been a retired pasture ornament for quite a few years now. She is a sweet old girl who loves to rub her face on people. A week ago I thought I'd lost her.

She laid down after she'd had some hay and rested for a while, then when she tried to get up, she couldn't. So she laid there and rested some more and then tried again. Nope. This went on for a good half hour, maybe 45 minutes. I didn't think that helping her up was the right thing to do, I thought she'd just lay down again if I did. I thought it was time to tell her goodbye.

So I sat down next to her head as it was getting dark, and thought that she wouldn't last the night. I petted her face and told her what a great horse she's been - she's had a long rough life - and that I loved her.

She rested for a little while longer, and then she got up. I was pretty excited about that. ;) Then I put some orchard grass out, and she started to eat. That was when I knew she was going to be ok. Whew.

She is shedding like crazy right now, she puts on the heaviest winter coat I've ever seen. It gets all curly. So this time of year it comes out in piles. Then she looks all sleek and shiny again.

I'm loving the time change, this is the time that feels 'normal' to me. I love that when I get off work, I still have half a day to go enjoy it, rather than it being dark and time for hibernation. Yay spring!


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