Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love this place

My friend Chuck took me out fishing on the ocean today, we had an awesome time. Fishin is always fishin, you just never know. We caught 3 coho salmon but they were all wild fish, not hatchery fish, so we had to let them go. So no keepers. But we did manage to drag in one poor black rockfish that I filleted and ate for dinner. Fresh rockfish, yum! :) While we were out there, we saw LOTS of brown pelicans. They were everywhere. You can see how big they are compared to sea gulls. They are very impressive. Just gorgeous. They are getting ready for their southward migration now.
It got foggy on us off and on, and the swells were fairly big. We had a great time out there anyway. When we came back into the bay to check the crab pots - which were full of seaweed and nada for crabs - we cruised around the boat docks and I was able to take some pics of the local sea lion population. Every flat spot was occupied by a sea lion, and the barking was a cacophony... I know that if I lived near the bay I'd never get any sleep with all that barking. And we cruised thru the boat docks, there were sea lions resting on the docks too. This one was 'king of the dock' and wouldn't let the 3 or 4 others roiling around up on the dock. Look at the rolls of blubber... must be getting ready for winter. I can relate. ;)
I live in such a beautiful place. I really enjoy taking pics down at the docks.
The last pic of the night as we were speeding up the Yaquina River to Toledo. What an amazing day!
I really love living here and every day I'm thankful that my parents moved us here in 1966. :) Hope you have an awesome weekend.


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