Friday, September 25, 2009

All-American Girl

I had the pleasure of capturing some beautiful images this week of a lovely, spunky and all-around awesome high school senior. We were out in the country near her home, and so we got some portraits of her in her mom's sorority dress under one of her favorite walnut trees.
She has two beautiful dogs, who were pros at posing for me.
And she has one very agreeable horse. He was fun, and pretty much took whatever we dished out to him. Plus he's gorgeous!
I also got to go fishing again, the ocean was nice when we got out there and I got some pics of these 4 female sea lions resting on the marker buoy.
Then the wind came up and the chop made it rough out there so we headed back into the bay for some crabbing. We did catch one fish before we came back in, and a few dungeness crabs in the bay... so fresh fish and crab for dinner. Yahoo!
A busy weekend coming up with weddings and singing at the local fire department fund-raiser... will be a blast. The weather has just been stupendous. Hope you have a an awesome weekend too!


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