Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scenes from a Boat Show

Toledo's 5th annual Wooden Boat Show was last weekend, and what a blast it was! The weather was perfect, attendance was great, and the exhibits, live music and other events were awesome. The Toledo Chamber did a pancake breakfast both days, and it was a huge hit! Mayor Rod Cross and his clan stopped by to fuel up on Saturday.
Former Toledo Police Chief Jerry Pryor and his wife Debbie had some breakfast, too.
Along with Margaret Epperson and her granddaughters.
Toledo's Port Manager Bud Shoemake came by for some hotcakes, too.
This guy was really getting into it. Yum!
There were artists...
Log-rolling demonstrations...
The life-ring toss was a big hit for folks of all ages... it's harder than it looks to get that life ring on the post!
Live music on Saturday with a great variety of styles...
And the family boat building was an interesting thing to watch. Six families built boats from start to finish over the weekend and launched them on Sunday afternoon.
Some brought their "Buddy"s...
The kids boat-building tent was hopping with activity the whole weekend... a very popular spot. I saw some awesome little boats and boat-builders filled with creativity.
There were many interesting vendor and information booths, this is Bruce Koike from the Oregon Coast Community College. There was a fiddle workshop where folks could learn to play...
Rides on the rail cars by the Yaquina Pacific Railroad Historical Society...
Tom Chandler and his friend were on hand to give tours of the YPRRHS museum both days.
There were pirates with potato cannons...
With pretty good aim! You can see the spud in this pic, in the air to the left of the sail on the boat they were using for a target. Bullseye!
Former Mayor Jim Chambers flashed me a nice smile...
Chuck Gertulla was the announcer both days, and he offered free rides on his boat, the Captain Ben F. He was a very busy guy all weekend.
But he took a moment to let me capture a nice shot of him.
Tom Murphy gives the safety talk before the big "Yaquina Run-Off" boat race.
And he did kayak safety demonstrations both days. Very interesting!
And his wife Karel staffed the Port's info booth all weekend. And of course there were boats. Lots and lots of boats. An awesome sight to see.

A lot of people put a lot of time and effort into this event, and it just gets better every year! Great job, folks!


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