Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Photo Class Field Trip

Had a great shoot last night on the Newport bayfront... we met at the Port Office and started looking around. There was a boat unloading some of the last dungeness crab of the season... I was struck by the pile of crab pot buoys where the captain would be steering the boat. They had a small catch, only enough to half-fill a couple of plastic trash cans... but they were big crabs. And pretty lively.
He sat down to wait for his partner to go get the truck, and allowed me a quick shot.
Then it was off to the docks where we got to watch a Great Blue Heron catch several fish for dinner.
I don't know what the significance of the deer antlers hanging on the anchor might be, but it caught my eye.
One of my all-time favorite movies is "Jaws" - the name of the boat in the movie is the "Orca". This boat has been around Newport for as long as I can remember, and it still makes me smile to see it. Even feathers laying on the docks make good photo subjects.
Here are some pics of my students as they enjoy making pictures.
We saw several canine crew members on the boats... this one is just gorgeous.
Lots of sea lions in the bay right now too, all over the breakwater and barking up a storm.
They seemed a little worried about these guys fishing so close to them...
And here are some pics emailed to me by one of my students.
We had a great time, the weather was just perfect, overcast and calm but not too cold. A great shooting trip!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooo, Nancy, I like these. Really caught some nice colors and the young man is absolutely gorgeous! hehe. Cindy B

8/05/2009 11:24 PM  

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