Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Toledo, Oregon... All-America City Award Finalist

Things are coming together for our trip to Tampa in a couple of weeks to do our presentation for the National Civic League jury on why we should be one of the 10 cities to win the award... the fundraising is *almost* done, and we have had a ball with the events we've been putting on.

Memorial Day weekend, Iron Chef and Toledo Mayor Rod Cross and his crew cooked up some amazing prime rib and seafood lasagna for our fundraising dinner at the Elks... what an awesome evening that was.

Some of our helpful servers... Jane, Rick, Bob and Amy. They were great!

Then this last weekend, the Chamber did their famous pancake breakfast in the City Hall parking lot. Kim, Terri, TC and Celeste chatting each other up during a lull in business...

I spotted this couple taking a break on a Main Street bench. I see them walking all over town, the bassett hound is hard to miss, especially in his yellow rain slicker and sou'wester in the winter.

After breakfast, it was the All-America City Challenge, a scaled-down and localized version of the Amazing Race. One of the challenges was to 'shave' a whip cream beard using a popsicle stick. Here are a couple of good-natured Challengers, Tyler and Kylie...

And a big gold-and-blue 'thumbs-up' from Gregg and Janice. Great job, guys!!
Another City Council meeting tonight with an agenda that is two full pages long. Whew. Will be a long one.


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