Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kayaking in Florida

Wednesday of last week 4 of us girls rented kayaks and paddled down the Hillsborough River northeast of Tampa. What a beautiful area.

Here is Celeste as we're getting into our kayaks. Here we go!
And Melanie and Sara were having a great time!

It was a nice mellow ride most of the time with stunning scenery.
At the launch, we saw this sign.
And sure enough, we saw several alligators. They were a little shy tho. This one was about 6 feet long. Gorgeous!
We saw turtles...
And Great Blue Herons... A couple of times we had to duck overhead logs, and at one point we had to get out of the kayaks and carry them over a log. No alligator bites and no leeches on any of us, either. Yay! And I was surprised to only see a couple of mosquitos.
Sara looks like she was having a great time. I know I did!
I'd do it all again in a heartbeat. What fun!


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