Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yay, spring!

We finally have some spring-like weather today, warm and sunny just in time for Toledo Clean-up day. The Toledo All-America City team is doing a bingo and hot dogs fundraiser at the Eagles club this afternoon, I'll be over there helping out after a nice lunch at PigFeathers. Yay.

Took a day trip on Thursday to do some sightseeing and just get away for a little bit. Adventures ensued the entire day with unexpected things happening everywhere we went.

We enjoyed a ride on a 28' boat on Dexter Lake, in exchange for helping trailer it, that was an unexpected perk... the lake was windy but I love cruising around on the water so it was a blast.

Stopped in Oak Ridge to check out their amphitheater and river side park, and hiked around the woods for a while. Saw some pretty things.

Ended up in Crescent for dinner at the Mohawk, where they have a taxidermy museum (in the dining room... yikes...) and the biggest Jim Beam bottle and Avon collectibles array - amazing stuff. And frankly pretty amusing.
Afterward, we saw this in the parking lot. Wowsers.
I was tickled at how the horns were attached with leather straps and buckles...
Then "Cowboy Jack" came strolling out and visited with us for a few minutes and struck a good-natured pose for me.
On the way back we stopped to check out a lava field, and I found it striking how the trees have managed to survive in that terrain...
This hillside made me laugh, it looks like a bunch of cowboys standing around BS-ing.
Another awesome trip around our beautiful state. Very enjoyable, can't wait to do it again!!


Anonymous Tim said...

As always, wonderful photos and a great narrative! Hope that the coming summer is filled with such moments. Good luck in Florida.



5/30/2009 1:00 AM  

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