Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another outdoorsy day...

Yesterday my adventure buddy and I went out to take advantage of the 2-foot minus tide to harvest some more horseneck clams under the bridge in Newport. What an awesome sight from this angle. It looks like you could walk all the way across the bay from here.
This is a part of the bridge you rarely get to see... the sea stars next to the water line are barely visible in the huge expanse of concrete.
This guy was REALLY getting into it... and the seagulls were very appreciative...
There were quite a few people out there harvesting shellfish.
A quick look back at the clamming hole island as we were leaving with our buckets full of clams.
We went back to Toledo, launched the boat and zipped back down to Newport to drop off some crab pots and then go ocean fishing. The ocean was just gorgeous with big swells but there was some wind chop on top and that made it kinda rough. We had fun tho and fished the day away. We ended up with one keeper ling cod and a cabezon. We got skunked on the crabs. But, fresh fish for dinner... priceless!! Can't wait to do it again. And again.


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