Friday, March 06, 2009

What a week...

The weather is definitely here today, another gorgeous coastal day. Yay! So nice to see the sun after all the rain the last couple of days.

Had a fun session earlier this week with little 8-week-old Gavin. What a tiny little doll.The grandmother really loves this shot, she saw a lot of neat things in it... like how the child will depend on the mother like this for a long time... how he has ahold of her finger, and how her other finger supports his wrist... I love this shot too. It really tells a story.
This is from a fun session today... Nikki and her daughter Holly. What a little spitfire she is.
I hope you have an awesome weekend. I heard there was snow in the forecast here, and I sure do hope they're wrong. All the plum trees in town are in full bloom and they just look so pretty. I'd hate for the snow and cold to damage the things that are trying to grow. So we'll keep our fingers crossed for more spring-like weather. And it's spring-ahead weekend too. Yay!!


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