Monday, March 23, 2009

Back at it

As promised, fishing pictures. Had an awesome time out there with a couple of really neat guys. It was cold and foggy out there, we hit the fishin hole about 7:30, and it gradually warmed up and cleared off. We didn't catch any salmon and only saw one caught nearby. LOTS of boats out there, and some really nice ones. Wow.
Ron gets the gear ready to go into the water...
And here is the one fish that was tagged that day. The Fish Goddess rules!! :)
John was fishing with one hand and texting with the other...
And this is the result.
A mud-cat about 8 inches long...
We caught two other sturgeon but they were undersize so they got to go back to the bottom to grow up a bit for next time.
Ron expertly and meticulously fileted the sturgeon for me. What a guy! Can't wait to do it again.
The hummingbirds are out in force, I hung a second feeder in the back yard and they are swarming it. Wow. By the dozen. Nice to see them and hear them. Yay.


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