Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Autumn

As I mentioned earlier, Freckles and I drove to Corvallis this past Friday, and since it was such a beautiful warm autumn day, we spent a little time at Avery Park in Philomath on the way. Miss Freckles had fun sniffing around all the pretty fallen leaves... and sat for me for a moment while I caught her picture on my cell phone.
This is also in Avery Park. What a beautiful place. The pic is small but if you look closely you can see Freckles sitting on the landing between the engine and the coal car.
Yesterday I was treated to another water-day, fishing and crabbing. This hungry pelican came right up to the boat and let me feed him a herring. He didn't like the chunk of croissant I tossed him, and after tasting it he spit it out and let the gulls have it. They say the brown pelicans have been here in record numbers this year and they are staying late. They'll get on with their southerly migration soon. They are stunningly beautiful birds and seem very docile.
We ended up with 12 nice dungeness crabs, the biggest of which pinched the crap outta my finger! I showed him, tho, he got a long hot bath in boiling water and then was eviscerated and consumed. ;) He was absolutely delicious. There is nothing like seafood cooked and served the same day it's caught. YUM.


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