Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Definition of 'Rugged'

A day trip to Shore Acres State Park on Monday proved to be an awesome time, even tho it rained all day. I'd been to the park for their legendary annual Christmas Lights display, but had always visited after dark. So I'd never seen the amazing scenery there before. Now I can't wait to go back!
Of course, no trip down the coast is complete without a stop to catch a photo of the Heceta Head Lighthouse. You know me and lighthouses...

Sea Lion Caves is just around the corner, and they were out in droves.
The next stop was Cape Arago Lighthouse. Next time I want to go out there onto the bluff...

Then Sunset Bay State Park...
Where we saw an unusual-looking jelly on the sand.
The way the rocks have eroded is just fascinating. These looked like skeletal fingers to me.
There were mushrooms everywhere!! These are on the edge of the bluff overlooking the ocean.
This tree was hanging over the bluff. Life always finds a way to survive.
This was an eye-catching stump, with the hole in the middle of it.
The surf was fairly big that day, but there was no wind. The scenery was just stunning. Wow.

I have always loved this place I call home. I am in awe of Nature's Ways, and find a lot of rejuvenation in the ocean, the woods, and the rivers here. The rain is worth it.


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