Thursday, October 09, 2008


Wow, it's been a really busy time for me... and that's a good thing! I'm having a blast with both of my avocations.

There are plenty of other things on my plate right now as well, including 10 weeks of advanced obedience school with Freckles. We've been having a ball with that, especially when we walk up and down the waterfront in a pack of 40 dogs and owners. The people come spilling out of the bars to watch the parade of very well-behaved dogs. We all get a big kick out of it. Tonight we'll be walking around in a beach-side neighborhood in Newport. I hope it stops raining, cuz we'll go rain or shine.

Recently I had the honor of capturing some lovely images of Toledo's new City Manager and her husband and labradoodle Abbie... what fun! They are very, very nice folks.

I'm running for City Councilor in our little town, so that's keeping me extra busy... and planning for the upcoming holiday season, including the Halloween Costume Portraits Event here at the studio and the Scarecrow Contest. Whew! Life is good!


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