Friday, September 12, 2008

All play and no work?

Sometimes it seems like it to me, too. I love to share images of the fun things I do, and I am lucky enough to really enjoy my work as well as my play time.

"Inside Lincoln County" filmed a segment on the Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses and I was there to capture some images of them at work. Of course, the incredible scenery out there, especially early in the morning, is what really caught my eye.
Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses recently assisted with the installation of stair supports for the 110-step staircases, which have had thousands of people climbing them over the years.
It's definitely worth the climb, this is the light mechanism inside the First Order Fresnel lens at the top.
And the view from the top is nothing short of spectacular.
Scads of brown pelicans are among the large number of birds that call the rocks at the Head home. And, at the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, the local Master Gardeners group maintains a vegetable garden where they teach local elementary schoolers the joys of gardening, and the wonderful things they harvest go straight to Food Share.
This is Lighthouse Intern Anita Varnon in the garden.
The lighthouse was one of the venues for Jazz at Newport last weekend... even tho the day was very chilly and windy, FOYL President Doug Wills lashed the poster to the nearest tree and we all rocked out to some very cool jazz provided by 'Hot Club du Jour'.
I recently had the priveledge of capturing some beautiful images of a stunning young lady for her senior portraits.
Her niece was also there so I captured some of her redheaded magic. What a gorgeous little girl.
I also recently captured the wedding of an adorable couple in a stunning setting. Here are Pearl and Andy.
And the beach wedding of Tommi and Lars... another gorgeous day at the beach!
And here it is the weekend again! Plenty more fun in store, I hope yours is awesome as well.


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