Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another busy weekend...

Toledo's Summer Festival was this weekend, and was filled with activities. I helped out with the parade, which was organized by the Toledo Chamber, and led by our Police Chief Mark Fandrey and "McGruff". TC Duty kept everyone in line...
And Steve Wilson was there to direct traffic.
Miss Julie Rockwell did an awesome job (as always) organizing things and keeping on top of things, including Mayor Jim Chambers.
Jim Tough was there to keep an eye on all of us...After the parade, I went to the festival grounds and said hi to my friend Karissa... Queen of Loyalty Days... as she calls it, "Loyalty Royalty". She had her own face-painting booth.
Her step-mom Misti displayed Karissa's talents for the folks.
Then I went and watched the famous logging show, always entertaining.
Then Saturday night I had a wedding at Starfish Point. Danielle and Roy always do such a nice job out there. This gal just tickled me with her personality... it really comes thru in this image.
Yaquina Head was foggy that day, but the fog rolled out in time for the ceremony, then back in afterwards, giving everyone a chill. Brrrr.
There were butterflies released after the ceremony, and a few hung around for pictures before flying off into the woods.
This little girl was just irresistable.
Looks to be another busy week, working on promotions for the Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses, studio stuff, and Newport's Relay for Life, too. All kinds of fun in store, I'll make sure I have a camera with me!


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