Friday, July 25, 2008

All I can say is 'wow'...

I have found myself saying this word over and over in my head the last few weeks. I just have to smile and shake my head at the way things work out sometimes.

Some of this has to do with my friend Guy. So, as you know, last week I took my mom to her home in Golden, Colorado to attend her 55th high school reunion. She attended Golden High School. Guy attended Golden High School. His mom and brothers still live in the Denver area.

5 years ago on the 4th of July I married Eric in the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. We held our reception at the Embarcadero that night and watched the fireworks from one of the decks while Jimmy Buffett and friends provided the background music.

Guy and I went to the Embarcadero on the 4th this year, sat on the "Parrot Deck", listened to Jimmy Buffett and friends and watched the fireworks over the bay. I was wishing I'd had a time machine... but I guess that's a moot point. We had a great time.

I went into the gift shop at the Embarcadero, and what kept slapping me in the face was images of the lighthouse. THE lighthouse. Over and over again, on a book cover, glasses, tiles painted with the image of the light. (One of which hangs over my kitchen stove)... and the polo shirt that Guy wore that night? Yep, you guessed it, covered with lighthouses. Cue "Twilight Zone" theme.

A couple of years ago I was asked to photograph a fundraising dinner/jazz event hosted by the Friends of Yaquina Lighthouses, and I also donated a large framed print of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse to the raffle. That began a friendship with the President of the organization, Doug Wills. The FOYL recently re-organized and one of the positions they created is Promotions Coordinator. Guess who they pursued for the job? ME.

So. I'm not sure how much of this is irony, fate, or if it's all just coincidence. But between my profession as a photographer, which I LOVE; my adventures with my friends, which have been awesome; and my new (part-time) position as PC for the FOYL, I am having the time of my life.

Oh, and the jazz band at that fundraiser? Their name is Perpetua. And they used my images on their CD cover. They are really great, if you get a chance, go enjoy their show. Newport has an amazing Jazz Festival coming up, you'll be hearing more about that from me, since one of the venues is... yes, you guessed it, the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

Cue the music.


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