Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I love the Oregon Coast

Miss Freckles and I met some new friends at the beach on Sunday, and of course got some exercise in. I found this rock-stack intriguing.

And this rock pattern was really neat.

And yesterday, Miss Brooke invited us to go to Florence for the day, to meet her Mom and another friend for lunch and a little shopping. On the way back, she showed us the Horse Creek Trailhead area where we will be taking our horses for some fun as the weather warms up. What a gorgeous place. Freckles had a blast running circles around us as we hiked thru the woods.
The view from the top. Gorgeous.
A trillium in bloom already. We saw lots of little wildflowers and the brush is greening up very nicely.
There was moss everywhere, it was just beautiful.
This is an alder tree bloom, with the cones it also produces behind it.
A fat, brazen squirrel, he let me walk up fairly close to him without a bit of concern on his part.
The foxgloves are going to be blooming soon, they look very healthy.
This is a pretty little plant nicknamed Miner's Lettuce.

A Sitka Spruce branch with cones, it reminded me of a hand or bear paw.
On the way home, we stopped at a wayside park for a quick agate hunt, and found these huge, ancient stumps. They were just awesome. You can see three of them in the picture above.
This one reminded me of an octopus-type sea monster.
There were huge stumps in the creek too. Gorgeous.
What a great day! I got to meet some wonderful people, do some fun shopping, a nice lunch, a traipse thru a dripping forest, a treasure hunt at the shore, and then dinner... and I got to spend the day with my girlfriend and my sweet doggie. What could be better? Oh, well ok. Having the horses there would have been better. But we'll be doing that soon. Yay.


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