Friday, May 25, 2007

Our Bloomin Yard

As Eric mentioned a while back, we have a porch swing on our deck in the back yard. It's a wonderful place to sit and enjoy my morning coffee, even if I do have to have my blankie on my legs cuz it's still so chilly in the mornings. I love to watch the birds - we have baby birds in the birdhouse now - and watch the sun sparkle off the dewy leaves. And it's a really nice spot to sit and ruminate with Eric and a bowl of ice cream after dinner.

We've been busy in the backyard, planting this and potting that, hanging this and putting up that, and I'm really enjoying watching things grow and bloom. We have lots of plans for improvements, but it's been slow going as time and finances allow only small ones here and there.

A few pics from our backyard this week:
The dew forms on the strawberry leaves in the most interesting way. There are little drops on every point of the leaf. In the sunshine they sparkle like prisms.
Another shot of the strawberry leaves and their dew.

This is a clematis flower. They are a good 10 to 12 inches across, and the entire plant is 8 feet tall and just covered with blooms. Very impressive.

This is what they look like after they lose their petals.

Then they turn into this. These last two are from previous years.

This is a close-up of our neighbor's rhododendron. They are all over the neighborhood, and some of them, like this one, are as tall as the houses. We have one in our yard that size, too.
I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You can't help but smile

when you watch this clip. This was forwarded to me by my cousin Mel (Hi Mel!). It is definitely worth the 5 or 6 minutes to watch this incredible horse dance. Here's the story.

"This video is of Andreas Helgstrand and his 9 year-old mare, Matinee, at the World Equestrian Games. Turn up the sound and watch this mare dance... she is amazing... she KNOWS where the beat is. In the last minute of her dance, she literally floats. What a priviledge to see this! It is the Musical Freestyle Dressage competition, and they pretty much wiped the floor with everyone else."

Mel asked me if my Lucky dances, and my response was, only when he wants to hurry back to the barn and get me offa his back...

Anyway, enjoy! I've watched this a couple of times and can't help but 'chair dance' and just grin, this horse is enjoying herself so much.

Friday, May 11, 2007

So how did you find me?

I ask my clients this on a regular basis so I know which of my marketing efforts are productive and which are not.

When I look at the stats for this blog tho, I find some interesting search results that lead people to this blog. Here are a few:

fine ass photography
i bought vegetables but am not ready to plant
Multiplicity photography
suggested treatment for sissy babies
importance of photography capture
photography + plants + sweet pea

And, my sweet Lucky is 13 today. Happy birthday, my large hairy friend. I loves ya.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Long Time Gone

"Welcome back!" Those words came from our counselor, who helped me figure out that I was suffering from clinical depression and get on Lexapro to help me out of it. I've been on it for about six weeks, and I feel so much better. I feel like myself again. Our counselor, after seeing me depressed for the last several months, told me this week that I am 'effusive' and 'glowing'. It feels SO good to be back. Yay.

I'm really enjoying the gardening again after several years of not having much interest, and we are making plans for updating and improving the back yard over the next few months. Yay.

Work has been a lot of fun for me lately as well. Here are a few shots from some recent high school senior sessions.

Here is another fun 'Multiplicity' image, this time it's of Rachel, who is a volunteer with the Newport Fire Department.
Eric was able to tag along on a shoot this week at the beach below the Heceta Head lighthouse. It was cold and windy and drizzly, but we had a lot of fun anyway. Here are a couple of my faves.

As you can see, Eric really gets into his work. That water was COLD.
On the way home, we stopped to catch some shots of a spectacular structure fire on the Bayshore spit in Waldport.

Last weekend, Eric officiated at a wedding for my clients. Here is my favorite bridal portrait.
Any my favorite portrait of the couple.
Another busy weekend coming up! Yay.