Saturday, December 29, 2007


By the time Christmas finally arrives, I am so sick of being bombarded with all the build-up, I just look forward to it being OVER. So the decorations come down, including the tree, the day after. Done. Finished. Over. Whew. Put it all away and be done with it.
I am a pagan at heart anyway, and its the solstice I celebrate more than anything. But I still like a lot of the symbolism of the season. And I love Christmas lights. My late cousin Sherri called them my 'happy lights' and I do keep them up in my home and in the yard all year long. I love the soft warm light they give off... and they make me feel happy.
With Eric dropping a grenade into our relationship, this has been an especially difficult Christmas season. So I can use all the happy I can get.
The studio has been busy with last minute stuff, but seems to be in a lull this week. That's ok with me. I have plenty of year-end stuff to get done, and next year's marketing to map out.

I still have cleaning and painting to do at home, and plan to do that over the three-day weekend I'm giving myself. My boss can be such a hard-ass. Makes me work 7 days a week. ;) Good thing I LOVE my job. Here is one reason why.

This lovely young lady was just here, ordering her senior portrait package.

The day we did her session, she was so much fun, so kind and sweet and polite... and when she left she said to me, "I love you!" Wow. Well, I am pretty darned impressed with her as well. When she left the studio today, she hugged me and said, "you're my favorite!" People like her are just a pleasure to work with, and it doesn't hurt that she is gorgeous and super photogenic.
So. Happy New Year to everyone... it is a fresh start. Definitely more than just token words to me this year. I was able to lose 23 pounds in 2007, and am planning on losing quite a few more in 2008. I have big plans for my studio in the coming year, and am anticipating having lots of fun sessions and clients, and loving the job I've been called to do.


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