Thursday, December 20, 2007

Website Problems and other updates

I've totally revamped my website and now I can't get it to publish. It's a server error, they just changed over to a new platform and obviously still have a lot of bugs. So when you get the old 'can't find that site' error message at, that's why. I'll have it up as soon as possible.

I've decided to go back to the Oregon Coast Chorus of Sweet Adelines, starting in January. They are having the annual Holiday party tonight, with lots of food, singing, fun, and did I mention food? They do a gift exchange that is just a blast. It's a round-robin style thing, where people draw numbers and choose gifts in that order - but if they want something that someone else has opened, they can steal it away and then the other person gets to choose another. There's a limit of 3 times on the stealing, so the third person gets to keep it. So I have a nice gift to throw in the mix and am looking forward to a fun time tonite.

I've really missed those ladies, and am looking forward to singing with them again. Freckles and I were on the outside looking in at them singing here at the hotel earlier this month during the Hometown Holiday, and it felt like I should've been in there with them. So, anyway... there you go.

I've been doing some work at home, too. I got one bedroom painted and will work on another one this weekend. What a difference a fresh paint job does for a room! I haven't decided what I want to hang on the walls yet. But I have plenty of pretty stuff to choose from. ;)

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! I'm sure mine will be very quiet.


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