Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sweet Simon

Simon the studio cat was killed yesterday, out in front of the restaurant next door. They have been working over there day and night, remodeling the place, and when we stopped by the studio yesterday, the Chef gave us the bad news. They had loaded up all the chairs in a trailer, and as they were pulling out, apparently Simon ran under the trailer. Highly unusual behavior for Simon. Anyway, Chef took him to a vet, but Simon didn't make it.

I miss him so much already. He always recognized the car before I even pulled into the lot and he would run out to greet me. I was always so careful to watch where he was so I wouldn't run over him.

He had a silent meow. The only time he really made noise was when he wanted either in or out. The rest of the time he'd open his mouth to meow but nothing came out. He was hard of hearing, and it was very easy to startle him awake as he slept on his ottoman. When it was time to go outside as I was closing the studio, I'd have to yell his name several times to rouse him. He spent his nights outside because he never could figure out how to use a litterbox like Sissy.

Simon was brought to this place as a young kitty by my former neighbor. When said neighbor went to jail, Simon was left behind. One of the neighbors' well-meaning friends came and took Simon, thinking he'd been abandoned. I did finally get the word out far enough so that Simon was brought back here. So he lived here almost his entire life and was used to the traffic and the highway being right here.

The restaurant clients will miss Simon almost as much as I will. He loved to be on the front porch over there so he could get attention and treats. I ordered them a print of this to hang on their wall. And one for me, of course.

I will miss you, buddy.


Blogger tkay said...

So sorry for your loss!

11/20/2007 9:07 PM  

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